Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Vanderbilt Announces That Memorial Gym Coaching Boxes Will Be Extended To Sidelines

Vanderbilt has announced that the coaching boxes in Memorial Gym will be extended to the sidelines next season.

The benches will remain on the baselines but coaches will be able to roam from baseline to sideline during games.

Here's a release from Vandy:

The benches inside Memorial Gym will remain on the baselines as they have for decades next season, but changes will be made to coaching boxes.

The NCAA has mandated that the coaching boxes be extended down the north sideline for the 2015-16 season. The new boxes will permit head coaches to walk down the sideline toward the scorer’s table. Coaches are currently restricted to the baselines in front of their bench.

Vanderbilt does not anticipate the change creating significant issues related to sightlines. If you have specific questions about how the change to the coaching boxes might affect your personal seats, please contact the National Commodore Club at 615-322-4114 to view the changes in Memorial.

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Here is a graphic that illustrates the changes and a few pics I snapped during a visit to Memorial Gym last year:


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