Monday, February 23, 2015

Yes, Western Kentucky Was Hosed on Missed Free Throw Violation

I'm sure most (every?) Western Kentucky fan felt as if the referees missed on obvious call late in Sunday's loss at Middle Tennessee.

Middle Tennessee's Perrin Buford went to the free throw line with 22 seconds to go. On the first free throw attempt, he literally pump faked a shot, pulled it back down, then shot a free throw.

The made free throw gave Middle Tennessee a 67-64 lead.

Western Kentucky head coach Ray Harper was livid as he felt a free throw violation should have been called on the pump fake.

Harper was correct.

This from the NCAA rule book:

NCAA - Rule 8 - Section 5 - Free Throws

Section 5.  Free Throw Requirements Art.

1. After the ball is placed at the disposal of a free-thrower:

a. The free-thrower shall release the try within 10 seconds and in such a way that the ball enters the basket or touches the ring or flange before the free throw ends.

b. The free-thrower shall not purposely fake a try nor shall the free-thrower’s teammates nor opponents purposely fake a violation.


Aaron Goins said...

Whatever! Western need to learn to take their lumps like real men should

Anthony Wireman said...

I'm just pointing out the rules haha

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