Thursday, April 2, 2015

Pregame Scouting Report on the Wisconsin Badgers has obtained the actual pregame scouting report that was used by Northern Kentucky University earlier this season when the Norse played Wisconsin on the road.

The scout was prepared and presented to the team by former NKU assistant coach Ethan Faulkner.

Keep in mind, this game was early in the season so the stats are not accurate.

The notes, however, are very interesting and do a nice job presenting the team that Kentucky will face in the Final Four Saturday night from a coach's perspective.

Some notes that stood out to me:

- Wisconsin is going to move/screen relentlessly. Obviously, one chink in Kentucky's undefeated armor has been defending the pick and roll and other screening situations.

- They will expose mistakes. That's a great trait of Bo Ryan teams...make mistakes and the Badgers will expose them.

- Basically everyone that plays will be able to shoot the 3 and put the ball on the floor. That's a very important thing to note...the Badgers will have 4-5 shooters on the court at ALL times. I've watched them in person and they can flat shoot the rock.

- They have a ton of experience and they do a great job of cutting, moving and screening without the ball. Another very important note...this is a well-coached, experienced team that knows how to play the game of basketball.

- All of their guards have great size and will post up. The size won't matter much against Kentucky, but it could be something to keep an eye on when Tyler Ulis is in the game.

- Good offensive rebounding team. The Badgers will attack the glass.

- Wisconsin will play man-to-man half court defense the entire game. It will be interesting to see if this is their approach vs. Kentucky.

- In the post they are going to play one on one and make you score over them. Again, will they try this vs. Kentucky's bigs?

Here's a look at the actual scouting report that was presented to the Norse before the game:

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