Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hedo Turkoglu Calls Out Enes Kanter in Political Feud

There is apparently a political feud between Turkish NBA stars Hedo Turkoglu and Enes Kanter.

Turkoglu recently called out Kanter saying, "Enes' head does not work."

Here is the latest from

The latest development in this saga was when Enes Kanter got refused entry to the national team this Summer. Initially, Kanter cited politics as the reason why he couldn't play. The Turkish national government has been in conflict with the Gulen movement, which Kanter is a part of, since 2013. Eventually, Kanter tweeted a photo of Hedo Turkoglu with Turkey's president. The caption read something to the extent of, "this is why I was not invited".

Turkoglu took offense to what Kanter said, and responded with something to the extent of, "Enes' head does not work." Also, Turkoglu called for a permanent end to Kanter's career with the Turkish national team.

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