Thursday, September 10, 2015

Memphis Cancels Plans to Honor John Calipari After Fan (and Likely Booster) Backlash

Memphis announced yesterday that the school would honor former head coach John Calipari during a game in December.

Some 24 hours later, the school announced that those plans have been cancelled.

Today, Rudd put this statement out:

My thoughts: Poor effort Memphis. Calipari took your program to all-time highs, then left for arguably the best job in college basketball. Cancelling this event due to a lack of "basketballs" a bad look for the university and its fans.

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Anonymous said...

Sure he took the team to those highs, some of which were later vacated. Let Kentucky honor him for his accomplishments. I'm sure this will be a nice shot to Calipari's ego so that's always a great thing to witness.

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