Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Chane Behanan Supports Louisville and Rick Pitino

Former Louisville player Chane Behanan offered support to Rick Pitino and the Louisville basketball program on Tuesday.

I know for a fact I didn't come too Louisville because of those women, heck no. So come again please. I came to the University of Louisville because I knew with the group of guys we had it will be something special for the university, student population, the fans, the city itself, and also each an everybody family member and I also knew I was one of those missing pieces too a championship team. Which we conquered very easily. With that being said think what you want people it...'s a free country, too an extent. And for those who think Coach Pitino had any involvement should get their brain check by multiple doctors because it's something seriously wrong with you, Coach P preach good behavior and also how to treat others with the upmost respect. Coach P didn't condone nothing I've put the University through nor did he condone these allegations that's been said. It wasn't all basketball with him, it was always real world related and life after basketball and for me too read how people are saying he knew about it is ridiculous because I know for a fact that's the number one thing he preached was the respect for women and others around us!!! ‪#‎UofLChamp2013‬ ‪#‎UofLStrong

Despite everything happening too me at UofL, I will still stand behind them because I'm very well respected in the city and also I have love for Coach P and his staff and Tom Jurich and the University.

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