Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Former Louisville Player Elisha Justice Disputes Accusations in Escort's Book

Former Louisville guard and Kentucky Mr. Basketball Elisha Justice disputes the accusations made by Katina Powell in the Breaking Cardinal Rules book. 

Here's an excerpt of Justice's comments from WYMT.com:

"You've got study halls, workouts, practices, class and film sessions. I mean you're together all the time, literally, I just feel like if this was going on someone would have slipped up and said something" says Justice.

Pike County native, Elisha Justice played for the Cardinals for two seasons starting in 2010.
He says he was not a part of anything mentioned in the book and doesn't believe his teammates we're either.
"For me to have never heard anything about it just makes me believe it's made up. I just think it's crazy someone just trying to get someone else in trouble" says Justice.

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