Friday, October 9, 2015

Former Louisville Player Speaks Out, Says Strippers Were Dancing in Bathing Suits

A former Louisville player has reportedly spoken out to ESPN under the condition of anonymity about Katina Powell's claims.

The former player claims the dancers were only in bathing suits and were never naked.

Here is an excerpt from

The former player, who played during the years in question, spoke to under the condition of anonymity. He said he didn't know who contacted the strippers and that their presence wasn't announced to the entire team.

He said he only went into that particular room because of the loud music and estimated about a dozen people, including the women, were present.

WDRB-TV in Louisville reported Thursday that a source familiar with the investigation indicated that a player acknowledged strippers visited the dorm on one occasion.

"They were just up there dancing in bathing suits, they didn't even get all the way nude," ESPN's source said.

He added: "It was just [for fun], and after that it was like a regular night. We went out to a club. Far as paying for sex -- nobody did that. She [Powell] is lying about that."

The former player said the only money he saw exchanged was the money players tossed at the strippers while they danced. The total, he said, was probably more than $100.

"It wasn't no $10,000, I know that much," he said. "Things don't add up. Andre is staying in the dorm, but he's going to give her $10,000? Like I said, I never seen Andre McGee hand her no money. The only money I saw was what was thrown at the strippers. Not by Andre McGee. By players by their choice. And the girls left, and that was just that."

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