Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Older Book is Now Causing Problems for Rick Pitino

A book published in 1990 claims Rick Pitino once took his Boston University team to a strip club.
Pitino says the tale in the book is false. He says the team thought the strip club was a restaurant and quickly left.
Here’s an excerpt from the Courier-Journal:
According to the 1990 book written by Alexander Wolff and Armen Keteyian, Pitino’s Boston University team made at least one unscheduled stop following a road game for adult entertainment.

“After one upset victory at Rhode Island,” the book says, “Pitino was so juiced he ordered the team bus to stop at a strip joint on the way back to campus. There he led his players in wolf whistles, even disbursing dollar bills so they could stuff them into the dancers’ G-strings.”

The story is unattributed and, according to Pitino, largely fictitious. Yet in the context of Katina Powell’s claims about being paid to provide team sex services by U of L’s former director of basketball operations, Andre McGee, it amounts to more fuel on a growing wildfire.

“It never happened,” U of L spokesman Kenny Klein said after consulting with Pitino. “The team walked in to get food, thinking it was a restaurant. They found out it wasn’t and walked out.”

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