Monday, November 9, 2015

Women Named as Prostitutes in Breaking Cardinal Rules Book Join Lawsuit Against Katina Powell

Five women who were named as prostitutes in "Breaking Cardinal Rules" have joined a lawsuit against author Katina Powell and co-author Dick Cady.

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Several women named as prostitutes in "Breaking Cardinal Rules" have joined a lawsuit against author Katina Powell, claiming defamation. The book alleges that Powell arranged for women to provide sexual services to University of Louisville men's basketball players and recruits. The plaintiffs say the "accusations are absolutely false."

Eight new plaintiffs have joined student Kyle Hornback in her suit against Powell, who gained notoriety when her book, "Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen," was published weeks ago. In her book, Powell, 42, has claims that she hosted 22 stripping and sex parties from 2010 to 2014 inside Billy Minardi Hall, the on-campus dorm for athletes. Powell has said that former Louisville graduate assistant Andre McGee arranged the parties and paid her $10,000 for supplying dancers.

On Oct. 22, Hornback filed a lawsuit against both Powell and her publisher, IBJ Book Publishing, LLC., claiming that the book damaged the value of a University of Louisville degree. Hornback claimed that Powell's "malicious, willful, wanton, and outrageous" actions have limited Hornback’s ability to find a job after graduation and pay back student loans.

On Monday, an addendum was filed to the suit, as eight more plaintiffs joined Hornback in her claims against Powell and her publisher. The new plaintiffs are Jamie Smith, Dillion Hornback, Rebecca Sommer, Marquease Richardson, Precious Burnley, Jemiah Nash, Shinita Martin and Dolley Bolden.

The suit has also been expanded to include Dick Cady, Powell's co-author, as a defendant.

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