Friday, December 4, 2015

Cincinnati Blogger Compares the Kentucky Wildcats to ISIS

For some inexplicable reason, guest blogger Jay Brinker of the Cincinnati Enquirer mentioned ISIS in a short blurb about Kentucky's loss to UCLA.

Here is an excerpt:

UK Loses. How things change in a year. Last year UK drilled UCLA by starting 24-0 and then continued the pummeling en route to a 39 point victory. Last night, UCLA avenged the loss by winning 87-77. Apparently, according to this analytic journalism article that far exceeds my casual sports knowledge, UK had a difficult time scoring in the paint. Sorry for your Wildcats' loss Kathy, Greg, and Big Blue Nation. No, not really. I actually enjoy when Calipari and his kids lose. Speaking of things changing, it was only 3 weeks ago that ISIS was contained.

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Is Brinker comparing Kentucky to ISIS or did he just randomly throw that in there? Either way, it's weird and confusing.

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