Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Absolutely Hate High School Games Like This

High school basketball is fully underway across the Commonwealth this week.

Last night, on an otherwise great night of high school hoops around Kentucky, one score stood out on the Riherds KHSAA scoreboard.

Phelps 63 Piarist School 5

How does a game like this happen?

I'm sure there are many folks who will say that games like this are necessary since Piarist School is a member of the KHSAA in the 15th Region (59th District).

Last season, Piarist School finished 5-15 overall but was at least competitive...well, they kept most losses within 30 points or so.

A closer look at Piarist School's roster for this season shows 9 kids ranging from 7th grade to 10th grade and a lone senior. To be specific:

- 7th Grade - 1
- 8th Grade - 3
- 9th Grade - 1
- 10th Grade - 4
- 11th Grade - 0
- 12th Grade - 1

I understand that the situation is dire and I would bet that the coaches and even the players from Piarist School know what they are up against night-in and night-out.

Heck, Piarist School was down 39-1 at the half.

I'm not here to blast Phelps or any other team that beats Piarist School like a drum this season. For now, it is what it is.

But, let me just say: I absolutely hate games like this.

This is a no win situation for everyone involved.

For Phelps and every other team who dismantles Piarist School this season, they will be hammered for destroying a young, helpless opponent. There is no value in playing a team like this. It's not even really a good opportunity to practice.

For Piarist School (there are a few other schools in this situation, as well), their kids (that's a key word: kids) are going to be on the bad end of blowouts throughout the season. Even if they fully understand their situation, that is tough to deal with. It's tough for kids...tough for parents...tough for coaches.

Tough for the winning team. Tough for the winning players. Tough for the winning coaches.

What can be done to prevent these games?

Anything? Nothing?

I don't have a viable solution outside of just playing matador defense and allowing a layup drill during the game, but let me be clear: I absolutely hate games like this.


Anonymous said...

What can be done? Let teams like this schedule and play a number of non-KHSAA teams/games. There are a ton of them out there that would allow schools/teams like this to at least be more competitive. However, KHSAA bylaws prevent the scheduling of such games, while other state high school organizations, OH and IN being two I am familiar with, both allow the scheduling of non-sanctioned teams. I know this from personal experience.

I guess the argument to that would be...if schools like Piarist could play non-KHSAA teams, then why not drop out of KHSAA classification all together and play all of them they want to. Well, I really don't have a good argument for that, nor do I know why teams like Piarist want to continue participation in KHSAA knowing this is the situation they will find themselves in. I'm not sure what the benefit is, if there is one.

Anonymous said...

At least these kids play with heart and they leave everything they have on the floor. Who cares what the score is as long as teams like this play as hard has they can.

Anonymous said...

Two things would help: first, allow them to play non-KHSAA teams, as the first poster noted. I played in Piarist's region years ago, graduated in 2002. We once beat them something like 120-25. And that was probably the best team they ever had; they actually played Red Bird close that year. They simply cannot compete, at this point, with KHSAA teams, especially public schools with large student bodies. So let them play some of the home school teams. Second, let them play JV teams. That would be a more fair fight. But honestly Phelps is not a particularly good team either. I live in Louisville now and would be willing to bet that Ballard's JV team would hang 100 on them by the third quarter. But until, and unless, Piarist decides it wants to pull a Cordia, bring in a guy who can really coach, and try to attract talented players, they are always going to be getting smashed in these completely pointless routs.

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