Saturday, December 19, 2015

Jamal Murray On His 33-Point Performance and Kentucky's Loss

Kentucky's Jamal Murray was not available to the media following today's loss to Ohio State but UK released the following quotes from Murray:

Jamal Murray

On the slow start:

“We have to come out and understand that these teams are coming at us with their best shot. They came out today and hit 60-to-70 percent of their shots early on and they hit us in the mouth. We weren’t able to recover until late in the game, and at that point it was too late.”

What changed down the stretch when the team started playing their best ball of the day?

“That’s just how we play. That’s how we play in practice and that’s what we need to stay consistent with, playing with that kind of energy, that kind of intensity and pressure. We’re capable of that and we just need to figure out how to do that for longer stretches of the game.”

On his 33-point performance at Barclays Center:

“I’ve played here in Barclays Center before in the Jordan Brand Classic and had 24 points that day. I felt good out there today. Unfortunately, it was in a loss but as a team we need to figure out how to get wins in here. I felt good going into the game today. I still think I missed a lot of shots that I should have made, but I made up for it. I’m just more focused on the loss, leaving to go to Christmas on this loss is tough, and we’re looking to come back and fix it.”

Can a competitive event like the CBS Sports Classic help you going forward even in a loss?

“It was definitely a good experience. We need to get used to playing in this type of atmosphere and going against a solid team, like Ohio State, you have to give them credit. They came out here today and hit a ton of shots, and we weren’t ready for it this time, but this will definitely help us prepare for our games coming up and into March.”

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