Friday, December 11, 2015

Oklahoma State Coach Travis Ford Ejected from Son's High School Game

Oklahoma State head coach Travis Ford was allegedly ejected from his son's high school basketball game last night in Tulsa.

According to several witnesses, a referee overreacted and tossed Ford without reason.

Here is an excerpt about the incident from ESPN:

Travis Ford did not do "anything demonstrative at all," said Evan Fahrbach, a radio play-by-play broadcaster and sports director of KWON am1400, according to the World.

A school official who did not want to be named relayed a similar account to the Tulsa newspaper, saying the official "kind of baited him into it."

"Travis came in to watch his son play, and I felt like he was baited into the whole thing," the school official said. "When all of this took place, I didn't hear one single thing said. The official blows his whistle, points (at Ford) and says, 'You're gone.' And then I saw Travis walk out."

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