Friday, December 11, 2015

Tai Wynyard is Coming Soon, But Will He Play this Season?

John Calipari said after the Eastern Kentucky game that New Zealand big man Tai Wynyard will be in Lexington on December 18.

Calipari said the plan is for Wynyard is to step in and play this season but there's still a chance that he will redshirt.

Here are Calipari's comments on Wynyard:

Q. One other thing about Tai, how far along is he in his development and when does he play?

COACH CALIPARI: I don't know. I don't have any idea. I'll see him. I watched him on tape, but I haven't seen him in person. Haven't seen him against our guys. We'll see what he is and what he's not and whether he's going to be able to help us this first year.

Q. What does he look like on tape to you?

COACH CALIPARI: He looks like he's 6'-10" and about 260. 250.

Q. Will he play regardless for you or is it still a possibility he might redshirt?

COACH CALIPARI: He could redshirt, but the plan is, let's slide him in there and go. But again,OK, we play on the 19th. He gets here only on the 18th. Then we go on Christmas break. And he's going to come back here and I’ve got to have staff working with him over Christmas. Then we have two practice days and we play Louisville. Not probably the ideal game to shove him in, with two days practice. But then let's just see where he is and let's, we'll figure it out.

Adam Zagoria spoke to Wynyard's mom, who also confirmed that he is set to join Kentucky but could still redshirt.

Here are her comments:

Karmyn Wynyard, the player's mother, told "Tai is both excited and nervous about leaving next week. I guess he will decide what he wants to do regarding red-shirting once he gets there. We have talked about it, but ultimately it will be for Tai and his coaches to discuss and decide once he settles in.

"At 17 he is sure he is ready to step in and do whatever is asked of him, but we also realise settling in there will not only be a new team and coaches to adjust to with all their plays, etc. He will be living in a new home with a new extension of his family, finding his feet on campus in a new environment with a different culture. All this after travelling for more than 36 hours on three flights. He will probably take the first week to workout and settle into a routine before he decides. I'm sure he will take it all in his stride as that is just what he does."

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