Friday, January 8, 2016

Brawl Breaks Out During Middle School Game in Pike County

A brawl broke out during a middle school game between Phelps and Belfry last night.

As is usually the case, it was adults making complete idiots out of themselves...even attacking a referee at one point.

Here's a video:


UPDATE: It turns out that the man in red who attacked the referee was actually the Belfry Middle School coach. Here's a better description from EKB news on Facebook:

The Pike County Board of Education is conducting an investigation following a brawl at a middle school boys basketball game Thursday night. Pike County Schools Superintendent Reed Adkins said the fight occurred during a game at Phelps between Phelps and Belfry middle schools, and began after coaches from Belfry pulled their team from the game amid frustrations with officiating in the game. Video of the fight provided to EKB News allegedly shows coaches, referees and fans involved in the brawl, but Adkins said none of the players from either team became involved in the fight. Adkins said coaches — none of whom he named specifically — were heavily involved in the fight. Adkins said that despite the unfortunate nature of the incident, school staff and administrators present at the game handled the situation well. He said that following the fight, the game was suspended as a safety precaution, and may not be made up. Adkins said the investigation into the fight is still an internal investigation, but the Kentucky High School Athletic Association, which has jurisdiction over middle school sporting events, has been notified of the situation. Adkins added that he expects the investigation to be concluded very soon.

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