Saturday, January 30, 2016

Calipari Says Allen Fieldhouse is Much Louder than Rupp Arena

John Calipari knows his team is going into one of college basketball's best venues tonight when they play at Kansas.

Calipari admitted that Allen Fieldhouse is "much louder" than Rupp Arena.

”I think Bill (Self) is not going to make anything personal because he knows if he does that your team can’t win the game when it becomes a personal thing. But he will remind them that a different Kentucky team got them pretty good last year,” Calipari said. ” I’m not worried about last year’s game; that’s totally different.

“We’re going into a hostile environment. I’m going to tell you, our building, I can remember when we played North Carolina here and we won on the last play, and I’ll tell you it was so loud. Allen Fieldhouse is louder. Like, much louder. And it literally moves you. If you’re standing and they really get loud, it will move you. I was there. I coached there and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, I can feel it.’ It’s like you’re at a concert and you’re near the bass. Boom! Boom! You feel it. I mean that’s how it is there.

“It’ll be interesting for these guys, especially these young guys, to walk in and to feel it. I love the tradition of it. I’ll go through (the arena). Our people need to go out to look at it and see how they have it set up because it’s really neat.”

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