Sunday, January 24, 2016

Calipari Talks about Win Over Vandy, Sends a Strong Message to Dick Vitale

Kentucky head coach John Calipari sent a strong message to Dick Vitale following last night's win over Vanderbilt.

“Dickie V came in and talked to me and said ‘you know this is one of your teams that’s not getting better,’” Calipari said Vitale told him before the game. “I said, so you’re not watching college basketball that much. Like, what are you talking about?”

Calipari reiterated that his team is getting better.

“Our team’s getting better. Anybody who thinks this team is not getting better, you’re not watching,” Calipari said. “This team is getting better. Derek Willis is better. Tyler’s better. Jamal’s better. Isaiah’s better…they’re all better. Skal’s better…”

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