Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Kobe Bryant Allegedly Sucker Punched a Former Louisville Player Over $100 Bet

Former Louisville forward Samaki Walker says Kobe Bryant once sucker punched him on a team bus over a measly (for NBA players) $100 bet.

According to Walker:

“We got into it. I’m still figuring it out to this day,” Walker said. “Real talk, it was one of the craziest, most immature situations because the situation from what I understand was over 100 bucks. He won the half-court contest and the rule is…you get 48 hours to pay the $100. There wasn’t even 48 hours. Kobe comes to me on the bus and asked me where his 100 bucks are and believe it or not, out of all the people he chose me, which to me, to this day, is puzzling.

“I told him listen we were going to shootaround at the time, man I don’t have no 100 bucks on me right now…first of all why did he come after me for 100 bucks? With that being said, I put my earphones back on…and once I put my earphones back on, the most amazing thing happened.”

What the 23-year-old Kobe at the time did next was shocking, and was more than kid’s play as the Zen Master called it then.

“Kobe, he sucker punched me,” Walker said. “All hell broke loose. Real talk, all hell broke loose….It was a sucker punch. Right to the face. Out of nowhere. There were some situations with Kobe and what was going on with his wife and the parents and things being said that was all his business, but was making it out publically and I just happened to come to the team at a unique time, which all this stuff was manifesting, and guess got caught up in.”

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The Lakers went on to win the NBA championship in 2002.

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