Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Rick Pitino Told Recruit that Worst-Case Scenario in Escort Scandal is No NCAA Tournament

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino told Penn transfer Tony Hicks that the worst-case scenario for the outcome of the escort scandal will be no NCAA Tournament.

Hicks talks a little about the scandal and his decision-making process with Jeff Greer of the Courier-Journal.

Here's an excerpt:

In turn, Hicks said the ongoing NCAA investigation into allegations against Louisville's basketball program did come up in his thought process, but none of it was enough to deter him from the Cards.

"It did (come up). It absolutely did," Hicks said. "But, at the same time, it's Louisville. It's Coach Pitino. It's the ACC. They honestly don't feel that anything will happen -- at the most, (lose) a few scholarships, which won't impact me much.

"(Pitino) felt absolute worst-case scenario is no (NCAA tournament). If that were to happen, that wasn't a dealbreaker. I felt comfortable with it. I really just felt like they won't get punished too bad. It was something nobody who is there now had known about."

Now Hicks is ready to join the team and get started. He's been working out with Brandon Payne, the trainer who works with NBA MVP Steph Curry, and he's been watching "a ton of basketball" to stay sharp.

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