Monday, February 1, 2016

Advice: You Should Never Stay in the Royal Inn in Mount Vernon, Illinois

I normally don't do stuff like this on the site but I'm going to warn readers of a hotel they should avoid at all costs: never, under any circumstance, stay at the Royal Inn in Mount Vernon, Illinois.

Here's my Trip Advisor review of this hotel:

“At Least I Made It Out Alive To Warn Others”

Hands down, the Royal Inn in Mount Vernon is the nastiest, unsafe hotel that I have ever stayed in. Ever.

My business partner and I decided to stop in Mount Vernon for the night during a recent trip. Since it was late, we opted to stay in a "cheap" hotel for 4-5 hours of sleep. The Royal Inn advertised rooms for $39.99 on their outdoor sign.

When we checked in with the clerk, who looked like a hobo and was clearly under the influence of alcohol, the final price was actually just under $65. We let that go and decided it was worth it to get to bed.

Upon entering the room, the first red flag was that the door had no locks on it. No deadlock. No safety chain. Nothing. We moved furniture in front of the door just in case.

We then noticed shampoo and body wash in the shower that was clearly left behind by the persons who stayed in the room before us. Next, we noticed three half full bottles of hotel shampoo that were obviously used. Finally, there were no towels or wash rags in the bathroom. Zero. Nada.

Lastly, we quickly noticed that the room keys that were left by the previous visitors were still in the room. It was pretty evident that the room was partially (maybe) cleaned.

After an extensive search for bed bugs, critters and a meth lab we decided that we could stay if necessary but would rather get our money back and try another hotel.

We went to the lobby to find the hotel clerk passed out (literally) at the desk. We could not wake him up to get our money back so we decided to risk life and limb for a few hours of sleep. I said my prayers that night.

At sunrise, we couldn't handle it anymore and headed to the car. We again attempted to complain and again the clerk was asleep...this time in the floor.

At that point, we immediately left.

I just want to thank God for allowing us to escape and have the ability to warn others about this debacle of an establishment.

After leaving, I did some online research of the Royal Inn in Mount Vernon. I discovered that police have captured drug dealers and suspected murderers in that building. There was also at least one online report of bed bugs in the hotel.

Positives: We made it out alive and can now warn others about this wretched hotel from hell.

Negatives: Everything. If you have a choice between sleeping in an uninhabited cave or this hotel, just remember that it's not safe to build a fire in an unventilated cave.

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