Friday, February 19, 2016

Is "Breaking Cardinal Rules" Required Reading for Some University of Louisville Students?

According to some posts on Twitter, "Breaking Cardinal Rules" by Katina Powell is actually required reading for some students at the University of Louisville.

The photos on Twitter suggest the book is required for CJ 440, which is a Criminal Justice class that focuses on Human Trafficking.

According to UL:

CJ 440 - Human Trafficking: Critical Thinking about Modern Day Slavery In depth analysis of trafficking in human beings as a crime prompted by supply and demand. Content includes: definitions of human trafficking, human trafficking as a transitional crime, characteristics of the crime of trafficking in human beings and strategies to most effectively deal with this crime.

Of course, Powell's book alleges that she worked with a member of the University of Louisville basketball staff to organize "stripper" parties in the men's basketball dorm. Powell also alleges that strippers were paid to have sexual relations with men's basketball players and recruits.

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