Wednesday, February 10, 2016

John Calipari Discusses Georgia Win, Gives Update on Alex Poythress and Hemorrhoids

Here is what Kentucky's John Calipari had to say after last night's win over Georgia:

Calipari noted that Alex Poythress is expected to be out about two weeks.

When pressed, Calipari blew off the question and joked that it was a hemorrhoid.

Here's an excerpt of his comments on Poythress:

Q. What do you know about Alex? Is he going to be out?

COACH CALIPARI: “He's going to be out about two weeks, I would say. He'll be out about two weeks.”

Q. You put up a great defensive effort turning Georgia over as many times as you did. Talk about how the defense was able to contribute to the offense?

COACH CALIPARI: “Well, they just, they really put pressure on them. You know, one thing that when we - - I watched the two games we played Georgia last year. Georgia was really good. We had no business winning the game at Georgia, and we were lucky to win it here. I was scared to death all day after watching those two games.

If you let them get in the halfcourt, Mark Fox is one of the best at creating angles, creating fouls, putting his team in a grind-it situation, getting three-point shooters the shots. If you let them -- if you don't go up and play them, that's his forte. That's what he does.

Aside from that is they have really been guarding. I thought we really hurt the zone. A couple teams they played, they played all zone. I knew they would throw some. They went triangle and two, did you see it? Most of you guys don't know basketball, so you probably didn't see it. (laughter from audience). Jerry [Tipton], you saw it, right? You didn't? Wow. Jerry. Every once in a while, Jerry, you've got to admit.”

Q. Does Alex have surgery and could you talk a little bit more --

COACH CALIPARI: “He's going to be out two weeks. So I'm -- you know, he's out two weeks.”

Q. But nothing more, you don't think?

COACH CALIPARI: “No, I'm not -- I don't think there's any reason to talk about it. It's a hemorrhoid but he'll be fine (laughter from audience).”

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