Friday, February 5, 2016

"Night of Extreme Pain" as Louisville Confirms Postseason Ban

The University of Louisville has confirmed a postseason ban for the men's basketball program.

Head coach Rick Pitino described tonight as a "night of extreme pain" after having to tell his team of the school's self-imposed punishment to a scandal that allegedly occurred several years ago.

President James Ramsey opened today's press conference by announcing that it's reasonable to conclude that violations did occur within the men's basketball program at Louisville.

Ramsey went on to say that the school is withholding itself from the Atlantic Coach and NCAA tournaments this season.

"This is a disappointing time and a very sad day for all of us," Jurich said.

Pitino said "pain" is the best way to describe the feeling around his team right now. He said that players began to hug graduate transfer seniors Trey Lewis and Damion Lee after the news was broken to the team.

"Damion and Trey have nothing...nothing to look forward to in the future now. For actions they weren't involved with," Pitino said with great emotion.

Pitino went on to ask Louisville fans to come out in full force to support Lee and Lewis during their final nine games.

During questioning from the media, Louisville officials confirmed that violations did occur within the men's basketball program. They were unable to provide specifics but said the investigation has not concluded.

Pitino compared his current situation to his eight years at Kentucky when he brought the program out of NCAA purgatory.

"There's not a coach in Division 1, 2 or 3 basketball that would tolerate anything that has been alleged," Pitino added. "If I catch anyone doing the wrong thing, there's always huge consequences to pay."

Pitino hinted at leading the Cardinals into the future.

He finished with, "I'll get them through it. I got those Kentucky guys through it."

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