Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pat Forde Takes Some Jabs at John Calipari

Pat Forde of  Yahoo! Sports couldn't resist taking a few jabs at Kentucky head coach John Calipari in his latest edition of Forde Minutes.

Forde had some commentary about Calipari's ejection at South Carolina.

Here is an excerpt:


John Calipari (39), Kentucky. Though touched by the extraordinary apologia from ESPN’s Seth Greenberg Monday night – he was tired, he was stressed, the same ref should never give both technicals – The Minutes would like to hear an explanation of what really led to Calipari’s spectacular meltdown and ejection three minutes into the game at South Carolina on Saturday. Cal didn’t speak to the media after the game (for the second time in three years following an ejection at South Carolina) and batted away the question on the SEC teleconference Monday: “I can’t talk about it.”

So we’ll just assume that the official who ran off Cal, Doug Sirmons, is a corrupt and conniving skunk who has it in for Calipari. (As have so many other people throughout the coach’s career.) That’s a handy justification for Cal so completely losing his cool that he had to be restrained by numerous players and was escorted off the court with his shirt untucked and composure shredded. Go with that one.

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