Friday, February 12, 2016

Pikeville Player Says Shelby Valley Coach Hit Him

A Pikeville High School basketball player claims that Shelby Valley coach Jim Hicks hit him during an altercation after last night's game.

According to a report from WYMT:

When the player stepped in between the two, Hicks hit him in the face, according to the complaint.

Pike County Attorney Howard Keith Hall said he will send the complaint to another prosecutor because the teen's mother works for him.

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Pikeville head coach Bart Williams gave the following statement to Allkyhoops:

"I am not exactly sure what happened or how the post-game incident started. My main focus was to get our players off the floor and to the locker room. However, I didn't see any punches thrown from anyone. It is just very unfortunate that this happened after such a good game and a great win for our team."

Pikeville won the game 75-72 in overtime.

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