Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rick Pitino Again Mentioned as Possible Candidate at UNLV

Louisville head coach Rick Pitino has once again been mentioned as a possible candidate for the head coaching job at UNLV.

Here's an excerpt about Pitino:

1. Rick Pitino, Louisville

Oddly enough, there’s a reasonable chance this happens. Louisville is still reeling from Katina Powell’s book Breaking Cardinal Rules, in which she alleges that she brought multiple prostitutes to Louisville’s campus to entertain recruits at the direction of former assistant coach Andre McGee.

The big obstacle is his salary demands. Unless Pitino would be willing to take a substantial pay cut from his $4 million per year he makes from Louisville. For comparison, Dave Rice’s base salary was $300,000 at UNLV, whose total athletic department budget hovers around $65 million.

But it could be a blockbuster move that would get UNLV out of the Mountain West doldrums where they’ve lived since Lon Kruger left for Oklahoma. Pitino is a big name that would draw fans and players alike and make him king of Las Vegas. The only thing fans want is for UNLV to return to the Jerry Tarkanian days of winning, winning and winning.

Now, let’s be real. Would Pitino really go to UNLV just because of a scandal that’s given Louisville a dark cloud over its head? He’ll go to UNLV if a Power Five school doesn’t snap him up first, and this is all assuming that he’s leaving Louisville.

For all we know he could sign a contract extension tomorrow.

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Lol. He is not going anywhere

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