Monday, February 29, 2016

Rick Pitino Thanks Team for Lifting Spirits of Town Decimated by "Acts of Betrayal"

Rick Pitino has made a new blog post to thank his team for fighting through adversity and lifting the spirits of a town decimated by "acts of betrayal."

Here is an excerpt:

We left Miami disappointed, but I still feel honored to have coached this team. I consider it a true privilege to teach each and every day. Thanks young men for fighting through adversity and carrying yourself with dignity and grace. Thank you for not letting injuries become a crutch or excuse. Thank you for lifting the spirits of a town decimated by “acts of betrayal.” Thank you seniors — you have restored my faith in a generation tied up with “me first.” My only regret is I could not coach you for more than one year. Finally, thank you fans for all the love you have given this team. It was a much needed emotion.

Now on to basketball. Down one with 1:32 to play at Miami, we missed two shots that could have put us in a situation to win. Ray Spaulding, who is playing injured (we appreciate that so much), was unable to grab an offensive rebound. Some said Ray was weak coming out of high school, but he has been extremely courageous.

Our freshman are learning so much from playing great competition on the road. All three have the same weaknesses that will be worked on this spring and summer: ball-handling and defense. Include Ryan McMahon with these weaknesses. That being said, their talent is outstanding. What a special class!

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