Monday, February 29, 2016

Vanderbilt Fined $100,000 for Storming the Court After Kentucky Win

The Southeastern Conference has fined Vanderbilt $100,000 for storming the court after Saturday's win over Kentucky.

Here are details from ESPN:

The league policy that took effect in 2004 states "access to competition areas shall be limited to participating student-athletes, coaches, officials, support personnel and properly-credentialed individuals at all times."

The policy adds that, "It is the responsibility of each member institution to implement procedures to ensure compliance with this policy."

Fines start at $50,000 for a first offense and go up to $100,000 for a second offense and up to $250,000 for subsequent offenses.

Vanderbilt was fined $100,000 because it was the school's second offense. Vanderbilt fans also stormed the court after a men's basketball victory over No. 1 Florida in 2007.

"While understanding the enthusiasm following an exciting victory, fans need to remain in the stands and avoid the safety concerns associated with rushing on to the playing floor," SEC commissioner Greg Sankey said in a statement. "We want to have exciting experiences around SEC games, but also want to maintain a safe environment for student-athletes, coaches, spectators and officials."

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Anonymous said...

You got to think that when Kentucky Coach took His players off the Floor before the clock ran out..He is protecting His best players..But the subs He sent in were in just as much danger..Kentucky Basketball program is everyones NCAA championship game. To the Vandy fans, they know Vandy might not get a bid to the NCAA tournament,,So beating UK was just them winning the NCAA Championship...Sad isn't it..That a program in the SEC, is as poor in wining that when a big win does go their way..Their Fans have not experienced enough major wins, to act like they expect to win those games and treat them just like any other...I been a UK for over 60 years, I can not recall the last time I seen the fans leave the stands after a Kentucky in Rupp...Maybe in games of National Championships in other arenas after winning the NCAA tournament, but that's it...................

Anonymous said...

While UK fans at Rupp do not court storm, they have their share of embarrassing fans to make up for it. The dancing guy comes to mind and those who are at the top of the arena screaming and yelling over every call.

Anonymous said...

"Vandy might not get a bid so this was their championship" do you watch much basketball?? Vandy is a lock at this point to get a bid, but I do hate court stormings.

Anonymous said...

Why would you storm the court over this years uk team?? Last year ok, but this years team no

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