Tuesday, March 15, 2016

9 "Truths" About the Louisville Prostitution Scandal

Kent Sterling of Nuvo.net has posted his version of 9 truths about the Louisville stripper scandal.

Here is an excerpt of Sterling's list:

8. Rick Pitino caused this violation one way or another. If he knew and encouraged former Louisville assistant coach Andre McGee to book hookers for players and recruits, he broke rules in a morally indifferent fashion for which a respectable university (and NCAA) can never forgive. If he was ignorant to the parties, he is still guilty of losing control of his program. Regardless of what happens within a program, the head coach is responsible. Ignorance is not a valid excuse.

7. Recruits who attend Louisville from this point forward aren’t victims. Rick Pitino likes to talk about the Louisville players who are being punished by the self-imposed postseason ban. According to Pitino, they did nothing wrong, but are the victims. Okay, let’s accept Piton’s premise that the wrong people were victimized. From this point forward, armed with the knowledge that Louisville under Pitino has stepped into the murky waters of a hookers for recruits gambit, recruits know they are potentially going to be held responsible for Louisville employing an ends justify the means morality that may cost them a postseason or scholarship.

4. Rick Pitino being “puzzled” as to how this happened is as baffling as any other aspect of the story. Pitino was on Mike & Mike this morning and he claimed to be puzzled as to how this could have happened, and then claimed the system of punishing athletic programs is broken. Well, maybe I can clear things up. The hookers were in the dorm because a member of Pitino’s staff decided the risk was worth the reward (assuming he wasn’t explicitly told to hire hookers for parties). And the system of punishment is broken because of the endless and pervasive moral equivocation in college athletics has made rule enforcement by a self-governing body impossible. All clear now? Your confusion, Rick, is self-inflicted.

3. The NCAA must swing a heavy hammer. There is no chance the NCAA will decide the self-imposed postseason ban was enough penance for employing prostitutes to lure recruits to Louisville. SMU and Syracuse were allowed to penalize themselves with a postseason ban and suspension of their respective coaches. Academic fraud is crass and against the rules, but hookers in a dorm is seedy. The NCAA cannot equate academic fraud and prostitute parties. Louisville and Pitino are going to pay a far stiffer price.

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