Friday, March 11, 2016

John Calipari Says Tyler Ulis Will Be Drafted This Year

Kentucky head coach John Calipari all but confirmed Thursday that point guard Tyler Ulis will enter the NBA Draft after this season.

Here are Calipari's comments about his sophomore star:

“I’m happy for him. You had a guy that, you know, when he came here, you had everybody tell me, ‘You’ve got a four-year point guard. This is how you should do it. He doesn’t need to have all pros.’ Well, you were wrong again. I mean, here’s this kid that’s going to be a pro. He’ll be drafted this year – after two years. And the greatest thing is I saw him, his game against LSU (on the road) – I did eventually watch that game, after that other game was over – (and) he wasn’t that good. That game, he just wasn’t. Every game we’ve played he’s gotten steadier and more into how he has to play and how our team has to play. He’s led better. He’s made better basketball decisions. He’s got his teammates involved. He deserves everything that’s happened. And he’s made everybody’s job, including mine, easier.”

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