Sunday, March 13, 2016

Kentucky Lands in Bracket with UNC, Indiana and West Virginia

The NCAA Selection Committee is a joke. Or at least a bunch of jokers. There's no other way to explain the absurdity of the 2016 NCAA Tournament bracket. 

Even though Kentucky knocked off Texas A&M in the SEC Tournament championship game, the Wildcats were handed a 4-seed in the East Region while the Aggies ended up as a 3-seed in the West.

I can see the argument to give Kentucky a 4, but the real hilarity comes with the "accidental" matchups the Selection Committee set up.

Kentucky's road to the second weekend of the tournament will include Stony Brook and a likely game against Indiana.

If the Wildcats advance, they will almost certainly face top-seeded North Carolina in the Sweet 16.

The bottom half of the bracket includes Xavier, West Virginia, Wisconsin and Notre Dame.

Sound familiar?

The Selection Committee should just openly say, "we like messing with Kentucky and their fans."

That would be much more acceptable than pretending this all happened randomly.

Number 1 Seeds:

- North Carolina
- Kansas
- Virginia
- Oregon

Here's a look at the brackets:

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Anonymous said...

1. UK often has multiple lottery picks on its team each season. They shouldn't have lost the games they did. UCLA?? Ohio State? You reap what you sow.

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