Monday, March 28, 2016

Montrezl Harrell in Trouble for Shoving Referee Down

Former Louisville star Montrezl Harrell is in trouble following a postgame incident in which he shoved an NBA D-League referee to the ground.

The National Basketball Referees Association has condemned Harrell in an official statement:

“After carefully reviewing videotape and related evidence concerning this incident, we have reached the inescapable conclusion that Harrell committed a deliberate assault and battery against Referee [Jason] Goldenberg,” NBRA general counsel Lee Seham said. “Anything less than a multiple game suspension would constitute a green light for violence against officials.”


Goracers said...

Dude we get it you don't like UofL. How about a little more Motörhead state stuff seeing the their the last team in the state playing for some sort of championship.

Anthony Wireman said...

It has nothing to do with liking Louisville or disliking Louisville. I report news. A player shoving a referee to the ground is news. I don't care who he played for.

Goracers said...

I'm just an ovc fan. I love the site. You do a great job. Just feel like Morehead State winning game 1 for the cbi tournament is a cool story and that Gaines, the senior dropping 27 and 14 deserves something. Instead of a uofl or uk guy doing something stupid.

Anthony Wireman said...

I know what you mean. Stay tuned... MSU story is coming soon.

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