Thursday, March 10, 2016

Scott Hundley Steps Down as Head Coach at Woodford County High School

Head coach Scott Hundley has decided to step down at Woodford County High School after six seasons at the helm.

Hundley announced his decision in an e-mail on Monday:

“While this decision did not come lightly, there are many reasons in which I have decided that the 2015-2016 season will be my last as head coach of the Woodford County Yellow Jackets,” he said in the email. “…This Woodford County basketball program has been my life for the past six years. I have had countless practices, games and sleepless nights thinking about how I can make this program better and help young boys become men along the way. The late night practices, the late night film, and every evening getting home no earlier than 7 p.m. (every other week9 p.m.) have been an absolute blast. I would not have done one thing different.

“However, this past season has been one of the most difficult years I have experienced in my 11 years of coaching. The internal struggle this year of wants versus needs was at times unbearable. I want to coach basketball, I want to help ‘my guys’ improve, I want to give everything I have to basketball. However, the need (inside of me) for me to be a good father to Adlee Malone and a good husband to Torie have left me at this crossroads.

“My heart is being pulled home. I have prayed very hard on this decision throughout the entire season and while my heart hurts that this is coming to an end, I am at peace knowing that a new door will open. I want to cherish every moment at home. I respect the WC basketball program too much to be one foot in and one foot out.”

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Hundley was 107-82 overall, including 61-43 in the region, during his 6 seasons at Woodford County. His teams won 3 district titles and made 6 region tournament appearances.

Woodford County was 14-17 this season.

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