Thursday, October 20, 2016

NCAA Gives Louisville Notice of Allegations; Includes 4 Serious Level 1 Violations

The NCAA has hit Louisville with a Notice of Allegations after an investigation into claims made by escort Katina Powell in the book Breaking Cardinal Rules.

The NCAA has charged Louisville with Level 1 violations, which are defined as the most serious violations a program can have. They did not charge Louisville with a lack of institutional control and failure to monitor the program.

In all, the NCAA detailed 14 strip shows, 11 sex acts and 2 declined sex acts by Powell and other escorts.

Here are details from

A year-long investigation into the University of Louisville men’s basketball program after a former Louisville escort alleged that she provided strippers and prostitutes for recruits and players has resulted in four alleged Level I violations -- the most serious the NCAA can levy -- including two against former administrative staffer Andre McGee and one against head coach Rick Pitino for failure to demonstrate that he monitored McGee, though the notice does not allege that Pitino had any knowledge of the violations.

The program escaped, however, the most severe allegations -- charges of a lack of institutional control and failure to monitor the program. The university says in a statement that it will dispute the charge against Pitino, which could include an NCAA suspension and/or a show-cause penalty if upheld.

The NCAA alleges that McGee, a former graduate assistant coach and director of basketball operations, provided impermissible benefits "in the form of adult entertainment, sex acts and/or cash at Billy Minardi Hall . . . or hotels to at least 17 then men's basketball prospective and/or current student-athletes, two then nonscholastic men's basketball coaches and one then men's basketball prospective student-athletes's friend. The value of the impermissible inducements, offers and/or extra benefits was at least $5,400."

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