Friday, October 21, 2016

USA Today Says Rick Pitino Should Be Held Accountable for Louisville Scandal

Nicole Auerbach of USA Today says Rick Pitino should be held accountable for stripper scandal at Louisville.

Here is Auerbach's take on the mess:

So, in a weird way, the NCAA’s NOA probably resulted in a huge sigh of relief for Louisville officials. The worst of the punishment, it would appear, is in the past. Last year’s self-imposed postseason ban paid off.

But we can still feel icky about it. And it’s OK for us to pin a great deal of this on Pitino, even if he didn’t know exactly what happened when it did. Of course a coach can’t know everything going on, but this is different. Pitino should have known about this; it’s his program, and these sex-for-recruit arrangements took place over a period of years in an on-campus dormitory named for Pitino’s late brother-in-law.

Sure, head coaches like to turn a blind eye to recruiting visits. It’s a wink-wink, nudge-nudge, show ‘em a good time kind of setup. But head coaches have to be smart, too. That’s why they talk to trainers, academic advisers and strength coaches, anyone who can keep the head coach in the loop about what players are talking about when coaches aren’t around — and what’s really going on.

There’s no excuse for not knowing, and thankfully the new NCAA penalty structure agrees. Coaches are now held accountable for what happens under their watch, whether they knew about it at the time or not. That’s the right approach for any and all wrongdoing.

And that’s exactly why Pitino should be held accountable here.

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