Friday, July 17, 2009

EKU's Mike Rose Signs Professional Contract

Congratulations to standout Eastern Kentucky guard Mike Rose. He has signed a pro contract in Turkey. As a Morehead State follower, I have enjoyed watching Rose compete in the OVC and I think he will go on to have a great professional career.

Press Release from EKU:

When former Eastern Kentucky University basketball player Mike Rose started thinking about his overseas prospects, one option that thoroughly interested him was the opportunity to play in Turkey.

That opportunity is set to become a reality, as Rose recently signed with the Oyak Renault basketball team, which is located in Bursa, Turkey. Bursa is a city of 2.5 million just south of Istanbul.

Rose said his agent had connections with the club and therefore, the signing happened quicker than usual.

“He’s familiar with the area and known in the club,” Rose said. “They contacted him and showed a lot of interest in me and it just came together. To me, it was a normal frame of time, but some people don’t find out where they’re playing until some time passes. I’m surprised by how quickly it came around and how good of an opportunity it is.”

Rose won’t leave for Turkey until mid-August. The regular season in the Turkish Basketball League runs from mid-October until May. There are currently two other American players on his team: former Texas A&M player Joseph Jones and former Vanderbilt player Alex Gordon.

“I’m more excited than nervous,” Rose said. “I’m going to be by myself without family and friends, but I went into college like that, basically. I just have to adjust and I don’t have a problem with that.

“I just won’t be close enough to drive home anymore,” he said with a laugh.

Although his family members, most of whom live in Chicago area, said they would have preferred him in the United States, Rose said they realize the opportunity he’s been presented.

“They said they’re going to have to make the trip to see me play all the way across the world,” he said.

Because of his agent’s connections with the team, Rose said he’s been well informed about the team, including his pay schedule, the diversity of his surroundings and the overall vibe of the town.

“I’m ready for just the experience itself,” he said. “I’m ready to start another basketball season and get into a pro league. Altogether, it’s going to be an experience and I’m just happy that I’m still getting to play ball.”

--Courtesy of the Richmond Register

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