Thursday, August 20, 2009

ESPN's Pat Forde Continues to Stir the Pot

Pat Forde loves to stir the pot, especially when the Big Blue Nation is involved. One need look no farther than his continuous articles, Twitter posts and ESPN segments to determine that Forde loves to slap negative criticism in the direction of Lexington.

Just today, Forde stated on national television that the majority of Kentucky fans really care less about integrity and can care less how Kentucky wins, as long as they win. Is that a fair label to place on the entire UK fan base?

Then, there are Forde's non-stop attempts to cause problems on Twitter.

Some of his recent posts include:

"Kentucky being Kentucky, it is turning the release of its schedule into a live television event. Yes, I am serious."

"And trust me, it will get ratings."

"Gov of KY weighs in on Calipari, via AP's Will Graves: "I'm not worried about it ... they never said Coach Cal did anything wrong at all.""

"Calkins drills glaring issue in report:"

Finally, there is Forde's refusal to even state an opinion on the Rick Pitino sex scandal. Forde, who wrote a book with Pitino, is obviously loyal to his friend and not necessarily his job. As a Louisville native, he has no thoughts on Pitino?

Forde, I respect your opinion and I enjoy plenty of your work (thanks again for finding the time to visit the young men from Elliott County), but you are off-base with your constant attacks on Kentucky since John Calipari became the head coach. I'm not sure if you are simply stirring the pot to increase your audience or if you have genuine dislike for Coach Calipari. If it's the latter, you need to step up to the plate and explain your real problem with Kentucky and its new head coach.


Anonymous said...

pat cant even dribble

Anonymous said...

i know who calipari is, but who the hell is this pat forde guy. is it pronounced ford like the car, or forde like joe dirt calling himself joe dirte? is it french? by the way, that's a real question.

Anonymous said...

Forde is another Pitino Pimp who is so afraid of losing his job, will not write anything bad about his buddy. Just another hack writer who has no balls!

Candice said...

I love Pat Forde...can't wait til the story breaks about Calipari already letting an assistant for secondary violations...who does that unless there is more to the story? I think Calipari will eventually embarass you more than Eddie Sutton. And, why is the Gov. of Kentucky weighing in basketball? Doesn't he have a a state to run?

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