Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Interesting Reading Material About UK at Volnation.com

Someone contacted me earlier today and asked me to check out a thread on Volnation.com, a University of Tennessee discussion board. I checked it out and felt that this quality thread deserves a read from other Kentucky fans. Here are a few excerpts:

"Kentucky has excellent tradition, excellent support, excellent facilities etc.All of that said, listening to Calipari give his speech about academic excellence is like listening to Bill Clinton or Mark Sanford give a speech on marital fidelity."

"I am pleased that Selby and Harris did not commit at UK despite Nike bringing in multiple paid agents of theirs.I suppose I should be happy that Kentucky is coached by someone so easy to hate with such obvious flaws. Hating Billy D because he looked like the child Vampire on the Munsters was one thing, but not a great reason. Hating Pitino is easy. Hating Cal is easy. Listening to him pretend that he is a coach who cares about anything other than sending guys straight to the NBA and facilitating their work with agents is hard."

"Agreed. Cal is a joke. It sickens me that a guy with such a checkered past is being treated like a god by those people. I hope he leads that program into trouble soon. Cal being the KY coach is the perfect match."

"Pitino is in no way better than most people in the United States. He makes the transgressions of Bob Knight look like a joke. He is a disgusting pathetic man...If I was his child I would be so sad/angry/ashamed."

"Sorry, I would feel like I sold my soul to the devil (Now, Roy Williams?...). Plus, Pearl has played Cal straight up with lesser talent. I'm curious to see how Cal competes in a conference that isn't full of pushovers. He wasn't that impressive when he had to deal with Marquette, Louisville and others before CUSA was gutted."

"Seriously, how satisfying would it be to see the wild hoard of UK bb fans eat Calipari alive? Just imagine if a VMI-type moment were to repeat itself early on this season? Extremely unlikely, but it is what I pray for everynight before I go to bed."

"Come on man ... Cal is one of the greatest known cheaters in the NCAA and has avoided being caught himself by simply moving just before the ax falls... I agree with the op .. this is one guy that should be coaching at Alabama with his record"

"Here's a thousand dollar bet. Tennesee makes the Elite Eight in the next two years, I pay. They don't send me the check."

I could go on and on (this goes on for 5 pages), but you get the general idea.

Yep, Kentucky basketball is back and the rest of the nation is aware of that fact.

If you want a good laugh, check out the rest of this garbage

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bluefanforlife said...

Really? Once again, this pathetic little whiner, has proven the addage; NOTHING SUCKS LIKE A BIG ORANGE. Roll Tide, Go Cats. Cream will always rise to the top.

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