Tuesday, November 17, 2009

John Calipari Ranks #25 on Highest Paid List

Kentucky head coach John Calipari's salary ranks #25 on the list of highest paid coaches in the world (in all sports). Here is an excerpt about Calipari:

25. After sixteen years of NCAA coaching, this hot University of Massachusetts college basketball coach got his big shot with the NBA. Alas, it was for the New Jersey Nets. When the University of Memphis came calling four years later, Calipari moved there. Compared to Jersey, the blue grass smells just fine, thank you very much.

A look at the list:

1-3: Soccer coaches from other countries
4: Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers
5-11: More soccer coaches
12-14: NBA coaches: Mike D'Antoni, Don Nelson, Larry Brown
15-16. NFL coaches: Jeff Fisher and Lovie Smith
17. Doc Rivers, Boston Celtics
18-20. NFL coaches: Tom Coughlin, Bill Bellichick, Jim Mora
21-22. Top college coaches, both football: Nick Saban (Alabama) and Pete Carroll (USC)
23. MLB: Joe Torre, Los Angeles Dodgers
24. NCAA football: Charlie Weiss, Notre Dame
25. NCAA basketball: John Calipari, Kentucky ($4.2 million)

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