Tuesday, November 3, 2009

UK/Campbellsville Quotes, Analysis and More

I represented AllKYHoops.com at Rupp Arena last night and offered live coverage from the game. Here are a few notes I made and some quotes that were made during the post-game coverage:

Basketball Analysis:


- The Cats are loaded with talent, but they obviously looked like a team that has only been practicing seriously for only 12 days
- On offense, UK had some spacing issues that limited driving lanes and really hampered the DDM offense; Calipari stated several times after the game that he is having trouble getting the wings to go wide and create spacing and gaps
- Kudos to Mark Krebs and Perry Stevenson; they came in and demonstrated senior leadership by doing what they were supposed to do
- I am impressed and frankly a little surprised at the offensive arsenal of Darnell Dodson; he was relatively unknown coming from Miami Dade, but he has the total offensive package and all the moves to score the ball; he is still taking a few forced shots and bad looks, but he is a key to the season
- Kentucky was 3-12 from the 3-point line; this will be a concern until they start shooting a little more consistently
- Eric Bledsoe is a very talented player; he is quick, explosive and powerful; he was definitely the best guard on the floor last night
- DeMarcus Cousins is a force in the paint - on both ends; he has the potential to be an all-SEC big man; he is like the player that will carry an injured puppy across the street off the court, but knock three of your teeth out with an elbow on the court
- Keep in mind that UK played without John Wall, who is arguably the most talented freshman in the country
- Patrick Patterson appears much quicker and more explosive this season
- Hood is going to be a fan-favorite; you can hear a little buzz in the crowd every time he does something positive
- DeAndre Liggins was the only Wildcat that did not play; Calipari didn't directly answer the question as to why, but he alluded to Liggins' play in practice


- The Tigers are going to be a really good Mid-South team; they were overwhelmed by Kentucky's size and length, but they are not a bad team
- Campbellsville had a bunch of open shots that they just didn't knock down; they shot 12% in the first half and 21.1 % for the game; if they knock some of those open looks down, UK fans would be in meltdown mode this morning
- Nestor Colmenares is a much better player than he showed against UK; the rest of the NAIA should dread seeing Colmenares this season
- Shawn Savage stood out as a nice 3-point shooter; I jotted in my notes that there is a reason he wears the #3
- Colmenares, Jordan Benock and Leon Hart were a combined 2-22 from the field which is directly attributed to UK's size in the paint
- The Tigers picked up 14 offensive rebounds in the game; their guards out-hustled UK's guards on long rebounds

Post-Game Press Conference Quotables:

Keith Adkins, Campbellsville head coach:

On the overall game:

"...really just never able to get any momentum."

On Nestor Colmenares:

"Nestor Colmenares is an absolute beast at our level."

On UK:

"We keep them in the mid-30's at halftime. I'll take that."

On his team:

"I was proud of our effort."

On Eric Bledsoe:

"He is extremely fast, extremely physical...strong."

John Calipari, Kentucky head coach:

On the overall game:

"If they had 58 possessions, we guarded about 10 of them the way we wanted. We had a problem with the other 48."

"We're twelve days in and we're just not ready."

On Perry Stevenson:

"I was really happy for Perry Stevenson."

On Eric Bledsoe:

"He played ok...probably played him to many minutes."

On Patrick Patterson:

"Patrick's got to take more shots."

On Patterson being named preseason All-America:

"That's terrific. What a great kid."

"What a great teammate this guy is."

On his first game at Rupp Arena:

"You know, it was neat to walk into an exhibition game and look up in the rafters, and it's packed. I was, like, stunned."

"Then I look up with six minutes to go, and we have 53 points. A running, pressing team!"

On knowing when the DDM is working:

"When we average about 16-17 assists and 12 turnovers."

A joke to Jerry Tipton:

"What did I say Jerry, your article would be 'dribble-drive this?'"

Listen to Calipari's Entire Postgame Press Conference (via John Clay)

A Couple of Things that I Consider "Cool":

- I bumped into UK Director of Athletics Mitch Barnhart at halftime; I wasn't sure what to expect, but he said, "How are you doing?"; My first impression of Mr. Barnhart was a very good one

- I listened in on a great basketball conversation between Kenny "Sky" Walker, former UK coach Joe B. Hall and a couple of other guys in the media room. Does it get any better than that?

- Kentucky's pregame intro's are very nice this season

- I rode in the media elevator with "Scratch" the UK mascot; if you have always wondered if that's a boy or girl in the suit, I have the answer - it's a man baaaby!

- I met the great Alan Cutler after the game; My first impression of Cutler is that he is a very nice guy

- I met Matt May of The Cat's Pause before the game

- Tony Delk and Scott Padgett enjoying a laugh as they headed back out to the court following the halftime break

- John Wall cheering intently for his teammates; my impression of Wall - great kid and he REALLY wants to be on the court soon

- I met Campbellsville head coach Keith Adkins after the game; he was very nice and I look forward to covering the Tigers as the season progresses


greenupcoacha said...

Great coverage! Are you going to Clarion?

AdamLuckey said...

I agree. Keep it coming!

And I give big props to CU for their play. I couldn't help cheer for them. Sometimes out of pity, somtimes out of wanting to have a close game. Still exciting to watch our boys play and learn. Bledsoe is fantastic. As is Dodson. And Cousins. And Orton. And......well, most of em.
Go Big Blue! Go BSB!

Props to Perry Stevenson!!

BluegrassHoopster said...

Thanks alot! I do hope to go to the Clarion game; I will also be providing similar coverage of all out Kentucky colleges this season. Stay tuned - it's going to be a nice season!

Anonymous said...

Some of you guys are amazing. A reporter's job is to report news. At times ALL media get carried away and blow things out of proportion. Many of you get angry when a reporter reports something that is not what you want to hear. You may/may not like Jerry Tipton but he is a reputable reporter. Sometimes "all that glitters is not gold" and you learn that there was some truth to what was reported even though it is not public knowledge or it is something you don't want to hear.Just keep that in mind when you are throwing Jerry "under the bus".

BluegrassHoopster said...

Where was Jerry thrown under the bus in this article?

Anonymous said...

Uh, nowhere but I saw some facetious comments directed to him which refer to other articles.

BluegrassHoopster said...

The only problem I have with Jerry is that he reported some false articles last week. Other than that, I don't apprciate his negativity very much, but he is a good writer.

Anonymous said...

How do we know the articles were false? Just because they are not what we want to hear doesn't make it false or negative.

BluegrassHoopster said...

Mostly it's because he admitted that he was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Hmm...ok. Sounds suspect to me.

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