Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Basketball "Scandal" in Kentucky?

Dr . Boyce Watkins, a finance professor at Syracuse University, has authored an article titled "Another Scandal In Kentucky?? Calipari accused of pressuring athletes to leave school."

Watkins, who opens the article by stating "I graduated from the University of Kentucky," looks at what he calls a scandal at Kentucky and other NCAA institutions. Here is an excerpt of the article:

Mind you, the NCAA is the first to tell you that they are all about education, yet Kentucky pays John Calipari millions in spite of the fact that his graduation rates have been abysmal.

Additionally, Calipari has been found guilty of a long list of NCAA violations, which consistently jeopardize the academic futures of the athletes with whom he works.

This is what the University of Kentucky appears to be all about.

He closes the article by stating:

Here's the deal: The NCAA doesn't care about it's athletes, and neither does the University of Kentucky. Athletes in revenue-generating sports (most of them black) are used on the field, have their labor rights stripped from them and are then left with a mediocre education that comes from being asked to spend more time on the basketball court than in the classroom.

This incident with Calipari is yet another example of the massive contradiction inherent in NCAA sports.

My thoughts: If we could only get all alumni to be so "supportive." Dr. Watkins is obviously a very intelligent man, but his article is highly opinionated and only discusses his point-of-view on the topic. He fails to present information from all angles.

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