Sunday, February 28, 2010

What's the Story with Referee Tony Greene?

Tony Greene has notoriously been one of the most inconsistent officials that I can remember in college basketball. He has been a running joke, particularly in UK games, for years now.

He has been so bad that there is actually a website dedicated to Greene. The title of the site: "Is Tony Green on the Take?"

Don't believe me?

These guys follow the majority of Greene's games and point out "inconsistencies" that would seem to favor one particular team.

The site has a nice analysis of yesterday's Kentucky/Tennessee game and they noticed many of the same things I noticed throughout the game. There were some calls and no-calls that were, for lack of a better word, pathetic.

Here are some excerpts:

There has not been a game all year where it more appeared like Tony Greene, and his crew, were more "on the take" than today's match-up between #2 Kentucky and #19 Tennessee from Knoxville, TN. Tony Greene, working with Doug Sirmons and Mike Kitts, seemed to follow EVERY "On The Take Rule" established on this site, as if they are actually reading and learning from this site!

Some examples of what went wrong:

All year, we have seen on ITGOTT that the charge/block call is the biggest weapon of an official who might be on the take. Those calls are rarely obvious, almost always questioned, and a n official who would be good at rigging the spread of a game would know to use a charge/block call to change a game momentum, get a player in foul trouble, or even wipe off/allow a key basket. Sure enough, 1 1/2 minutes in, Doug Sirmons makes an AWFUL charge call on Kentucky superstar DeMarcus Cousins. This is particularly important because Cousins' play has been the engire that has driven Kentucky all year - when Cousins does well, so do the Wildcats. So Doug Sirmons, 1 1/2 minutes into the game, makes a horrendous charge call on Cousins that was ABSOLUTELY not a charge, and the momentum begins to change. Three ITGOTT rules obeyed with ONE single call, and Tennessee had some obvious help from the crew to begin its run.


Then the obvious one. With 12:25 to go in the first half, and in the middle of Tennessee's 18-0 run, Kentucky John Wall drove to the basket and was OBVIOUSLY fouled. Tony Greene stood right there and called NOTHING (even though 2 minutes before he could see a Kentucky foul from 45 feet away) as John Wall was hacked and driven to the ground. This non-call was a HUGE factor in helping Tennessee with its crucial 18-0 run, and was one of the worst, and appeared to be one of the most biased, non-calls ITGOTT has seen all year.


Anonymous said...

I believe ya, but I only got one question for ya ... If you think you can do it better why ain't you ref'n?

Arm Chair Whiners are all the same ...

Anonymous said...

One of the worst refs in the country. And to the poster above: do you need to be a chef to complain about the taste of a shit sandwich?

keith said...

A real chef would not make a shut sandwich, and Tony Greene is the best, asshole

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. You don't just have to be good enough to ref, you have to be good enough to INFLUENCE THE OUTCOME of the game via your calls, while not making it look obvious. That takes true skill. That's why you see Tony Greene ref so many pivotal games, despite his well documented inconsistency.

Anonymous said...

Your grammar is about as good as Greene's reffing.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. If the dude has sucked and we know it. How do he still have a job? Id get canned if I show up everyday and didn't do my job.

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