Monday, March 29, 2010

In a Strange Turn of Events, NCAA to Strip Duke of Losses

DURHAM, NC—NCAA officials announced Wednesday that seven losses would be stricken from Duke's 2008-2009 season record, claiming they were forced to act after discovering evidence of dramatically meritorious behavior both on and off the court. "This will forever polish the legacy of the Blue Devils, as all their losses from the season will be removed from the record books," said Paul T. Dee, the chairman of the Plauditory Committee, who expressed strong commendations for the men's basketball team. "Their overall AP ranking for last year will also be impacted, as we will have to drop them up from sixth to second. And we find it only fair that Duke be stripped of its 1994 second-place tournament finish, which will go to Arkansas in exchange for their national title trophy." Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has decided not to appeal the NCAA's decision to permanently place the Blue Devils on approbation.


Now that is funny...

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Anonymous said...

and as for what's true, that's why they were seeded with the weakest bracket in the tournament (while the top 2 teams for the ENTIRE season were saddled with the hardest brackets--and thus ousted before the Final Four weekend)...says a great deal about the NCAA and their level of what an even playing field is all about...funny, but if the BCS football policy was enforced in basketball...UK would be playing Kansas this year for the title...not Michigan St/Duke (I do really hope West Virginia wins it all...just so the kids can say they lost their last game to the eventual NCAA champions)....Dookies is just another term for poopoo

(sorry, I have twin 2 year olds getting potty trained...and I am teaching them that the terminology for "pooping" is taking a "DOOKIE")


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