Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Curious What the NBA Scouts Think About the Wildcats?

I was curious also, so I contacted one today to find out.

Here are some current pre-draft thoughts from an actual NBA Scout:

Cousins - Top 3 talent, but can be a loose cannon. No way he slips past 5.

Patterson - 1st rounder for sure, not a lottery pick, though.

Orton - Body is NBA-ready, but game isn't. Starter-potential and is a late 1st rounder now, draft stock could make a huge leap if he decides to stay for another year.

Bledsoe - Fringe 1st round guy because of speed and athleticism. Intriguing though.

Wall - No. 1 pick, no doubt about it. Boy has all the physical tools of an elite NBA PG and is ahead of where D. Rose was at this time. Is a consistent jump-shot away from being lethal. Go make some money, kid.

NOTE: NBA scouts are a little "quirky" this time of the year, so the scout wished to remain anonymous.


Anonymous said...

It's kind of funny really I've been around basketball my whole life and these NBA scouts are guys I've never figured out. What they love in one kid is a negative aspect in another just depending on which scout you talk to that being said I think this scout is selling these kids pretty short, everyone agrees Wall is the first pick and at worst second then they basically all say Demarcus will go anywhere from 3 to 6 because of maturity which I disagree with, but majority of all the mock drafts and so called experts have Patterson anywhere from 8 to 14 which are all lotto picks and then most of them say Bledsoe will fall into one of miami's two picks at 15 or 17. Then there's orton who I believe needs another year the most but if you can get drafted by the up and coming OKC Thunder who says they would take hI'm and many say the celtics would consider him it'd be hard to say no to either of those franchises. Seems like this scout is looking at worse case scenarios to me

Anonymous said...

I really don't think any of them have the maturity level to play in the NBA, except Patterson...I think the rest of them could stand at least one more year to mature and perfect their game...some of them need 2 more years...but either way, best of luck to them all...they brought back the true feeling of what it means to be a UK basketball fan!!! GO CATS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hope Billy Clyde gets the credit of having put Patterson and Orton in a UK uniform, not Cal. So bringing back the feeling of being a UK fan has to do with 4 one and dones. WOW

Anonymous said...

I think that all of the UK players should stay one more year... Its not always about the money. If they stay another year, they can only improve their game and their education!!! If something was to happend to one of them on the court and cannot play anymore, they still have an education behind them!! I also think it will help them "grow up" a little bit too!

Anonymous said...

I have watched kentucky basketball for many years,and I lost interest in kentucky basketball after pitino.Coach Calipari has the brought back that true blue feeling for me.Plus giving credit to the freshman and patterson.But Calipari will have to stop and think about recruiting one year players,If he wants to win a championship.Even Though he has a outstanding record,and is a great coach.He has to wonder why he has not won a championship yet.Great year kentucky,and my best wishes in the future.

Anonymous said...

Staying one more year puts them in the position of a potential lockout in 2011. Even without a lockout the new CBA will most certainly reduce te salary cap for rookies so its a case of gettin while the gettins good. This was the first year in over a decade that I actually anticipated getting to watch the Cats play again. No more boring Ball Lick Defense and No Motion Offense. No more Tubby stare downs and Billy Clyde meltdowns. Even if they didnt win it all, we finally had a team capable of it and thats all I really ask for.

Anonymous said...

Cal is NOT a great coach

Anonymous said...

they should not stay. It is better to get hurt as a NBA pro than in college.

Anonymous said...

You cannot blame a coach for signing talent that is there for the taking even if they are one and done players. I believe any coach coming into a program (especially UK) would have taken such a class if they had the opportunity. We will have to give it another 2-3 years to know just how Coach Cal will recruit and how good he is as UK' coach. As far as I am concerned, he and the "one and dones" did a great job this year.

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