Saturday, August 28, 2010

Michael Gilchrist Uses Twitter to Put UK Fans on Edge

Michael Gilchrist, who committed to Kentucky's 2011 class in April, sent some interesting messages out on Twitter last night.

He immediately caught the eyes of hundreds of Wildcat fans when he posted:

MikeGilchrist I think I’m going to take 3 official visits

That Tweet has since disappeared, but not before Gilchrist was hit with questions about his commitment to Kentucky. He was asked if he has decommitted and he replied simply with "No."

He also posted:

MikeGilchrist I'm soo connected to my mother she is all I have I can't leave her by her self.. I know my bro @joshSelby32 feel me

MikeGilchrist Wish my dad was here right about now, I really need him!

His night of mysterious Tweets ended with:

MikeGilchrist Just had a long talk to Coach Cal.. Ill be on campus next weekend

Just minutes ago, Gilchrist posted:

MikeGilchrist I'm still 100 percent committed to UK. Ill be on campus on Thursday

My Thoughts: I don't feel this is anything for Kentucky fans to be concerned with, although it is out there publicly and must be noted.

I personally think this is yet another instance of social media tools such as Twitter and Facebook allowing fans into the minds of 16-18 year old kids. It is a world that sports fans in general have never had access to and one that is not always accurate.

Ten years ago, a kid thinking out loud would have been a private matter. Today, these feelings are aired publicly and can easily lead to misconceptions, over-exaggerations and "much ado about nothing."


-mf said...

He's committed.

Anonymous said...

his mom said he wont take his 3 official visits like he said he would last night and that her son will go to UK. once he visits next week again, he'll be fine. he's a great kid. his mother should be proud he cares about her so much

Anthony Wilson said...

any fan who is in support of any university, needs to chill out. these are just kids. we are just fans... this is these kids lives. let them live it! support them if you care about them, whether they come to your school or not.

Anonymous said...

Why are all these Ky fans harassing young kids who have already commited to Ky? Do these fans have nothing else to do but stalk someones Twitter account. Get guys look pathetic!

Anonymous said...

^ I'd say your no better then those first two above haha.

Anonymous said...

Seems like his mom calmed him down makes you wonder who keeps the house.

Anonymous said...

He will realize his mistake once the NCAA finally catches up with Coach Cal and his illegal ways. He would be better off close to home. I think he would be better off at Villanova, especially if he wants to be close to his mom and home. Is Kentucky working on getting his mom a job in the athletic department?

Anonymous said...

^ hahaha wow you're pathetic

Anonymous said...

With the black eye from the Kanter foul-up, I bet it only takes one more piece of bad news to make Gilchrist reconsider his college choice.

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