Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Doron Lamb Joins the Media to Interview Terrence Jones

I always enjoy the sites and sounds of the Rupp Arena media room before and after games and tonight was no exception. I'll have a full recap of the Blue/White Game tomorrow morning, but for now, let me share a funny moment from after the game.

After Coach Calipari addresses the media following games, several players are brought out for interview opportunities. Tonight those players were Terrence Jones, Doron Lamb, Brandon Knight, Darius Miller and Jarrod Polson.

At one point there was a gathering of media around Jones and Lamb had already finished his interviews. Lamb walked over behind the crowd and started listening to Jones answer questions. After a few seconds, he borrowed a voice recorder from Keith Taylor of The Winchester Sun and started pretending that he was a member of the media.

When Jones noticed his playful teammate, he began to giggle a little and was met with a question from Lamb.

Lamb, in as serious a voice as he could muster, asked, "Terrence, how would you say that Doron Lamb played tonight?"

"Normally, he shoots it every time he gets it," a laughing Jones responded.

The members of the media shared a loud round of laughs and in those moments we were able to see a side of both players that cannot be observed on the court.

Jones continued, "But today he actually was looking for other players, making plays for other players, driving hard like Coach Cal wants him to. It was a great day for Doron Lamb."

Here are a few more pictures of Doron Lamb doing his best Jerry Tipton impression:

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