Thursday, February 24, 2011

Survey Says: Lexington is the Top College Basketball Town

A recent study by Media Audit ranks Lexington as the nation's top college basketball town.

Here is an excerpt from

According to a recent study by Media Audit, 76.3 percent of adults in Lexington regularly follow college basketball on radio or TV, a higher percentage than any city in the country. Louisville, home of the Louisville Cardinals, ranks second in the national survey with 70.6 percent of people who regularly follow college basketball.

The top five are as follows:

1. Lexington, 76.3%

2. Louisville, 70.6%

3. Raleigh-Durham, N.C., 62.9%

4. Memphis, Tenn., 62.1%

5. Greensboro-Winston Salem, N.C., 61%


Anonymous said...

"Louisville, home of the Louisville Cardinals" but let's face it.. that's just more BBN at work.

Anonymous said...

The same bbn thats falling out of the top 25 next week

Anonymous said...


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