Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tyrone Shelley Adjusting Nicely at Georgetown College

San Diego State transfer Tyrone Shelley is adjusting to his new lifestyle in Georgetown, Kentucky.

Mark Zeigler of wrote Thursday about Shelley's circumstances and how he ended up playing for Happy Osborne's Georgetown Tigers.

Here is an excerpt:

Osborne greeted him upon his arrival at the quaint campus of shade trees and red-brick architecture set in a town of 21,589 that was named for George Washington. The light blue water tower says “Georgetown, A Kentucky Treasure.” There’s an “antique row” of shops in the three-block downtown. Freight trains regularly rumble through the east side of campus.

Osborne walked Shelley to Collier Hall. In San Diego, he had a car and shared a spacious off-campus apartment with Aztecs teammates. Osborne opened the door to an 11- by 16-foot room with two beds, two desks, two closets, two dressers and one window.

He’d have a roommate. Bathrooms are down the hall. It is a single-sex dorm, as they all are at Georgetown, and members of the opposite sex are allowed during specific visiting hours and only in common areas. Alcohol is strictly prohibited. The college abides by the city’s noise ordinance, which means you’re not playing your stereo after 11 p.m.

Shelley looked at the white cinderblock walls, at the lone window, and said: “Coach, you’ve humbled me.”

Osborne laughed and said in his syrupy Kentucky drawl: “Welcome home, baby. Move in.”

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