Thursday, February 2, 2012

Goodman: Kentucky Wildcats Would Hang with NBA Team

Jeff Goodman of thinks the starting unit for the Kentucky Wildcats could actually hang with the NBA's Toronto Raptors.

Here is an excerpt of Goodman's thoughts:

Maybe I'm nuts to think a college group could hang with an NBA team, but I'm not so sure.

Check out the Toronto Raptors starting unit last night against the Boston Celtics -- and tell me you wouldn't take John Calipari's first five over the Raptors.

Not just for the future, but maybe even right now.

The Raptors backcourt was Spanish point guard Jose Calderon and athletic freak DeMar DeRozan. The frontcourt: James Johnson, Ed Davis and Aaron Gray.


He finishes with:

So maybe Calipari's current edition down in Lexington wouldn't come out on top against the Raptors, but they'd certainly give them a run for their money.

Kentucky vs. NBA's Raptors: Not an easy call

Of course, Goodman's mere suggestion that a really good college team could hang with a really bad NBA team was met with plenty of criticism on Twitter (from many of the usual suspects):

Doug Gottlieb of ESPN

GottliebShow maybe the dumbest thing ever tweeted RT @MattNorlander: My adorable colleague @GoodmanCBS says UK might beat Raptors

GottliebShow @GoodmanCBS u have officially lost any credibility to evaluate the game of basketball--

GottliebShow @AdamZagoria not stronger.bigger,faster,longer,more skilled--Men--Kentucky this year loses to Kentucky 2 yrs ago by 15

GottliebShow @JerometheJockey Kentucky is good--they would not beat any NBA teams--they wouldnt beat most any Spanish/Italian/Russian team either

GottliebShow @GoodmanCBS Calderon,JJ,Derozan,Gray,Davis--am I missing something? UK cant beat Toronto--stop it

Dan Wolken of

DanWolken For the bazillionth time, the worst NBA team would smash the best college team. It's not even worth debating.

DanWolken There's an effortlessness about the way the NBA game looks. But that's not because they aren't playing hard. It's because they're awesome

Andy Glockner of

AndyGlockner @GoodmanCBS The Raptors would crush Kentucky. Come on.

Brian Snow of

BSnowScout Can someone in Boston please give @GoodmanCBS two tickets to a Celtics game to remind him just how good NBA players are??

My Thoughts: I know what Goodman is trying to say but I will have to agree that a really good college team would never be able to defeat even a bad NBA team.

The NBA game is the best of the best - the players are simply bigger, faster and better. Kentucky's primary guys would prove that they at least belong on the same court as NBA players, but ultimately, I see no chance that the Wildcats even come within single digits.

What do you think? Discuss in the comments...


Big Ble Kat said...

About 30 years ago, usually in August, as I recall, they would play a College All-Star Game of football at Soldier Field in Chicago, sponsored by a local newspaper, to benefit local charities. The game pitted a team of college graduating seniors against the previous year's winner of the NFL championship (pre-Super Bowl). I distinctly remember one year when the college boys defeated Vince Lombardi's Green Bay Packers, the best pro team in the world at the time. Go look it up.

Anonymous said...

If there is 5-6 guys on Kentucky that most likely will be drafted first round and difference makers on teams they play with. Why couldn't they beat the raptors?

bbnfl said...

Really Doug Gottlieb..Kentucky 2 yrs ago beats this team by 15? I think you just lost any credibility to examine the game of basketball

Big Blue Kat said...

The college all-stars beat the pro champions 11 times in that charity game, including Vince's Packers in 1963.

Anonymous said...

They could hang, but if they played a full nba season, they're record would be the worst in the league (especally when you from playing 1-2 games a week in college to playing a regular season of 82 games). They could beat the bottom feeders, but that's about it.


How many NBA starting rosters right now have 4 or 5 first round draft picks playing?

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